With EntryPoint’s Personal Savings & Enrollment
Station, we don’t require shoppers to change the
way they shop, instead, we seamlessly fit into their
shopping experience to move your brands faster!

Manufacturers know that offering a product discount can be a powerful sales driver. With EntryPoint’s Personal Savings & Enrollment Station, you can deliver the right offer to the right shopper at the right time – in store – to positively impact purchases on every shopping trip.

EntryPoint’s shopper-friendly solution will engage 10-20% of weekly shoppers who are responsible for 30-40% of store sales.

Find Out How

So, how does all this growth happen? Simply put, EntryPoint allows shoppers to scan their card or enter a phone number when they arrive in-store, and automatically receive customized coupons based on their purchasing preferences - not for products they don’t want, but for ones they actually do.

EntryPoint’s unparalleled DATA MINING & ALGORITHMIC TARGETING builds and intuits personal savings sheets for every shopper ahead of time, available for activation at the Personal Savings & Enrollment Station.

EntryPoint’s solution is automated and easy to scale, scoring shoppers based on their interest in products and purchasing level. We also execute a real-time offer distribution hub that is in constant communication with the shopper’s preferred touchpoint.

There are three main reasons why shoppers respond to EntryPoint’s marketing program:
  • Value: Shoppers receive personalized savings, preselected just for them.
  • Convenience: We eliminate the pre-work so time and energy aren’t wasted sorting through hundreds of offers.
  • Accessibility: It’s easy & effortless, using the most universally accepted communication vehicles — printed paper and mobile texting

EntryPoint has the ability to reach shoppers both in and out of the store environment through our innovative mobile technology. Shopper’s simply text in a keyword to be qualified for immediate savings. Our fast and easy load-to-card offers result in more happy shoppers which translates to increased sales for you.

In addition, EntryPoint provides shopper & category analytics that report on trends and program performance. Manufacturers benefit from shopper insights and have the ability to adjust campaigns accordingly. This provides manufacturers with an unparalleled tactical tool to drive brand sales.

Our Formula to Success



EntryPoint is a retail-based media company that executes personalized marketing through digital couponing, benefiting shoppers, retailers, and manufacturers alike. We have been providing solutions to retailers for more than 10 years and have placed over 2000 Personal Savings & Enrollment Stations in America’s top grocery chains. Our mission is to round out your Omnichannel marketing program by providing the missing touchpoint at the front of your stores - thereby bridging the digital gap to engage more shoppers and meaningfully grow same store sales.

Retail Sales Team

Forms exclusive partnerships with grocery retailers to execute 1-to-1 marketing for all shoppers in their stores — leveraging the retailer’s transaction data, promotion calendar, and loyalty program IDs.

CPG Sales Team

Sources incremental revenue from CPGs to execute targeted brand promotions more efficiently and effectively. Expertise includes offer sales, campaign planning, insight development and analytics to drive directed initiatives.

Tech Team

Executes technology design, system customization, deployment, maintenance & support. Delivers personalized promotions to shoppers via preferred EPC channel. Manages real-time offer implementation and results reporting.

By The Numbers

Over 4 BILLION Coupons Issued


Average increaseper Basket per Engaged HH


Increase in  Same Store Sales


Households Engage Monthly

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