Basic Omnichannel consumer targeting is leaving behind it’s largest demographic of savvy shoppers.


EntryPoint’s Personal Savings & Enrollment Station

Despite DIGITAL being Grocery’s Marketing Future - more paper coupons are still distributed & redeemed each year than digital offers! By bridging the digital gap, EPC’s solution ensures no shopper is left behind.

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With EntryPoint’s Personal Savings & Enrollment
Station, we don’t require shoppers to change the
way they shop. Instead, we seamlessly fit into their
shopping experience by removing the work to make

Most Omnichannel consumer targeting strategies are missing a vital shopper touchpoint at store entry. Double your loyalty program participation with our Personal Savings & Enrollment Station. Target the RIGHT Shopper with the RIGHT offer, at the RIGHT time — while they’re already in your store!

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EntryPoint’s unparalleled DATA MINING TECHNOLOGY accomplishes the pre-work while algorithmic targeting builds Personal Savings Sheets for every shopper ahead of time - available for activation at the Personal Savings & Enrollment Station.The system identifies each shopper by Loyalty ID and, within 5 seconds, prepares and delivers personalized offers via the shopper’s preferred method:
  • Printed at the Personal Savings & Enrollment Station
  • Sent directly to the shopper’s mobile device

EntryPoint works with Retailers and CPGs to understand the strategic goals and objectives to best drive results. We seamlessly interact with Brand, Sales, and Shopper Marketing teams to tailor promotions that will effectively achieve those goals. Programs can be Targeted (utilizing EntryPoint’s AI Data Mining Engine), untargeted Circular Specials (promoted in the ad), or Theme Events (multiple brands promoted together in a theme). Clients value EntryPoint’s ease of set up, detailed reporting, budget management, but most importantly, the strong ROI and incrementality delivered by each program.

  • 90 day turnaround w/dedicated on-site EntryPoint Associate for launch
  • Significant incremental annual sales increase
  • No capital outlay for software & hardware
  • Free offer bank and targeting
  • Incremental CPG Funding
  • Flexible Business Model– FREE or PAY-as-GO

Full digital adoption lags because Shoppers’ behavior has to change drastically and additional steps are required to participate. These shoppers are the majority of EntryPoint’s offer redeemers.We continue to engage shoppers with program awareness, same-day offers, data capture and next level targeting to keep them loyal to your store with offers they want to redeem.Engage more shoppers, increase your loyalty program participation and grow same store sales!

Our Formula to Success



EntryPoint is a retail-based media company that executes personalized marketing through digital couponing, benefiting shoppers, retailers, and manufacturers alike. We have been providing solutions to retailers for more than 10 years and have placed over 2000 Personal Savings & Enrollment Stations in America’s top grocery chains. Our mission is to round out your Omnichannel marketing program by providing the missing touchpoint at the front of your stores - thereby bridging the digital gap to engage more shoppers and meaningfully grow same store sales.

Retail Sales Team

Forms exclusive partnerships with grocery retailers to execute 1-to-1 marketing for all shoppers in their stores through PersonalCirculars, leveraging the retailers’ transaction data, promotion calendar, and shopper cards.

CPG Sales Team

Sources revenues from manufacturers to execute brand promotions more efficiently and launch new promotions. Their expertise includes offer sales, campaign specification & estimation, and insight development.

Tech Team

Executes personalized promotions to shoppers through various touchpoints and reports on results. In charge of real-time offer distribution, implementation & management, and analytics to drive directed initiative targeting

By The Numbers

Over 4 BILLION Coupons Issued


Average Increaseper Basket per Engaged HH


Increase inSame Store Sales


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