Personal SavingsSystem &Enrollment Station

This Key Omnichannel Touchpoint is placed at store entrance, providing meaningful benefits for your customers

  • Acts as your personal Greeter at store entry

  • Shoppers identify themselves at Station

  • Delivers instant savings

  • Personalized offers preselected based on shopping behavior

  • Savings delivered via printed barcoded coupons or digital L2C coupons

Also offering real-time Loyalty Program Enrollment

  • Prior Loyalty Club Membership not necessary

  • Easy enrollment & accurate data collection and updates

  • Significant cost savings to standard loyalty program enrollment

  • Print temporary card and obtain Easy Immediate Savings within seconds

Bottom Line: Same-day savings and enrollment provides instant shopper gratification, grows basket/unplanned purchases and increases shopping trips.

Enhanced DigitalExperience

Digital coupons are also available directly to shopper mobile device:

  • Simple digital engagement via phone (nothing to download)

  • Touchless Activation of offers via QR Code or SMS Text

  • Text-2-Phone + App (TAPP) bridges functionality by linking directly to website or microsite

  • Outbound texts deliver weekly promotions to Mobile Club (opt-in) for ongoing engagement