Most manufacturers know that offering a product or service in popular retail chains at a discount can be a powerful driver of sales. But how many shoppers simply throw out their coupons at the end of a store run because they don’t see the value?

MyPersonalCircular by EPC is a shopper-friendly way to move more products in retail stores through targeted marketing. In just 120 days, we engage 10-20% of weekly shoppers who are responsible for 30-40% of store sales through digital couponing kiosks.

" Our state-of-the-art digital couponing system delivers a solution that is not just practical, but sustainable and profitable. It’s a win-win for manufacturers, retailers, and shoppers alike. ""

— Carlton Sparks, Executive Officer

There are three main reasons why shoppers respond to EPC’s marketing program:

  • Value: They get to take of personalized savings pre-selected just for them
  • Convivence: Time and energy aren’t wasted by sorting through hundreds of offers
  • Accessibility: It’s easy & effortless, using the most universally accepted communication vehicles — printed paper and mobile texting

The end result is a more interactive and enjoyable shopping experience that drives engagement from 15-20% of households weekly.

So, how does all this growth happen? Simply put, EPC allows shoppers of a particular chain to walk into the store, scan their card or enter a phone number, and be supplied with customized coupons based on their purchasing habits. Not coupons for products they don’t want, but for ones they actually do - increasing their likelihood of spending.

EPC’s solution is automated and easy to scale, scoring shoppers based on their interest in products and purchasing level. We also execute a real-time media distribution hub that’s in constant communication with touchpoints to avoid any duplication or disruption.

Our high-end technology, combined with our manufacturer-distributor approach, was thoughtfully designed to benefit all parties involved.

EPC has the ability to reach shoppers outside of stories an in-store aisles through our innovative mobile app. After the first transaction, they simply text in a keyword and their unique ID to be qualified for immediate redemption. Our fast and easy load-to-card offers result in more happy shoppers and a more profitable retail chain.

On top of that, EPC provides web-based shopper & category analytics that report on standard trends in the consumer market. Retailers benefit from understanding shopper behavior through proven data and adjusting their campaigns as needed. This equates to more trust in manufacturer-retailer relationship and a greater balance of power.

By The Numbers


Weeks of transaction history


Average increase in basket


Increase in-store sales


Households activate monthly


Shopping households engage


Households redeem 1+ offers

EPC is a retail-based media company that executes personalized marketing through digital couponing, benefiting shoppers, retailers, and manufacturers alike. We have been working with retailers since 2007 and are placed amongst 2,000 national and regional chains. Our mission is to develop a 5,000+ store network that executes national, personalized, and digital FSIs.

Our Three Pillars

Retail Sales Team

Forms exclusive partnerships with grocery retailers to execute 1-to-1 marketing for all shoppers in their stores through PersonalCirculars, leveraging the retailers’ transaction data, promotion calendar, and shopper cards.

CPG Sales Team

Sources revenues from manufacturers to execute brand promotions more efficiently and launch new promotions. Their expertise includes offer sales, campaign specification & estimation, and insight development.

Tech Team

Executes personalized promotions to shoppers through various touchpoints and reports on results. In charge of real-time offer distribution, implementation & management, and analytics to drive directed initiative targeting

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